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So here we are in September already (how did that happen?) and having just got back from a mini adventure all around the cornish coast, I am full of happy, hazy summer memories.

For our trip to Cornwall we rented 'Mo'  from Quirky Campers, a cannot be missed Mercedes Sprinter with a bright yellow paint job and an interior that slept no less than four adults in comfort and style.

Mo is BIG, hence why she will forever be known as Big Mo! The winding lanes and car-free harbour towns of Cornwall coped well with her size (so did we, kinda...) and we had a lot of admirers wherever we want. 

Now I'm not going to bang on about the beauty of Cornwall because lets face it, it speaks for itself. What I really want to talk about, is the lasting impression Cornwall gave me. I came away from our trip with a huge amount of respect for our National Trust and the clean, green way of life that Cornwall just seems to effortlessly represent. 

It got me thinking. 

Do I really do enough to help the environment in my tiny little terrace in Hull?

Fair enough, I haven't the "grand designs" budget or knowledge to turn our home into a fully self-sufficient dwelling, but I could be doing more? 

So after leaving Cornwall, I've decided to start taking small steps to change the way I shop and use my home. Let's just say the phrase "if it's yellow, let it mellow" has been imprinted on my brain, after using many a compostable toilet in Cornwall and learning about the damage we're doing to our oceans.

I'm back in Hull... So, whats my excuse gonna be? 
That there isn't anywhere to shop 'friendly' in Hull? That I can't afford to be green? 
Well folks, it turns out I have no excuse. 

The Eco Shed is a Hull Company that have set up a store in the Trinity Market and since discovering them, I really can't see any reason why I can't make some changes to my life as a consumer. It stocks a variety of everyday products and it's affordable. 

So, my idea is as follows. To slowly start to replace some of the products I use on a daily basis. Hmm, where better to start than with my toothbrush? An everyday item we all just take for granted in our homes, right? 

Sadly, every single toothbrush I've ever owned (and I'm 31!) is still in existence and most likely, in our ocean. Plastic just ain't so fantastic, so it's about time I started to make some changes. 

I will be documenting the replacement products I find, starting with my Zero Waste Club bamboo toothbrush which I bought from The Eco Shed


Now, don't let me bore you with details, like how it feels to use said toothbrush? (actually very good, soft bristles blah blah). But let me just point out the sweetest thing about this purchase - For every Zero Waste Club toothbrush you buy, you can instagram them and they will plant a tree! 

So what are you waiting for?

Thank you Cornwall, The Eco Shed and Zero Waste Club for helping me re-define how I shop and reduce the amount of plastic I'm using. 


We can all do that little bit more and so far, it feels pretty good.


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