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So I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Wobbling About And Rocking Out (WARO), a life-style blog that aims to inspire the disabled and mental health community and help equip even more people with the confidence and motivation to fulfil their dreams of a career within the creative industry and more. 

Read more about the mission and work of WARO, which is based out of CD41 Hull - HERE.

During my interview with Dom, who runs WARO, I began to reflect on why I started The Rebel Girls Club and what it means to me. The Rebel Girls Club is all about promoting positivity, empowering women and enabling others in our community of Hull (and beyond) by providing a platform where they can share their talent, experiences and goals.

Over the past few years I have been on my own personal journey to self love. It has taught me that it isn't the kinda journey where you can just get off anytime you please. You might end up stopping for a while and even change direction.

I have struggled with anxiety since I was young, but only found the nerve to talk about it in the past few years with the support of some amazing people. Gradually those basic self love strategies have pulled me through, as well as opening up and asking for help.

 I wanted to share this positivity, because with that comes a certain clarity and confirmation that you can overcome life's struggles and still love yourself despite the way your anxieties have made you think, act or feel.

So in my interview with WARO, Dom asked me what my tips would be for a good self love strategy? Well firstly, I panicked (self-proclaimed anxious girlboss right here!). I was worried that I wasn't qualified to answer that kind of a question. I am always really aware when writing my blog that we are all so different, so what works for one person might not work for another. 

HOWEVER, here at The Rebel Girls Club we are all about sharing are we not!? The best advice can come from a stranger, a friend, your family or even a blog!

So here are my tips for a good self love strategy, thanks to the lovely WARO.

  1. What you say to yourself matters - This is a motto I try to live by now that I’m in my thirties… It’s not ok to look in the mirror and criticize yourself or beat yourself up over a decision or way you’re feeling. You wouldn’t let someone else talk to you like that, so why accept it from yourself?

  1. Cultivate Kindness - This is another big one for me. No-one is perfect and it’s hard to put others first sometimes, but kindness costs nothing and an act of kindness just feels so good. It’s a win win really!

  1. Remember, it’s ok to say no - I used to be a ‘yes’ person, even if my heart wasn’t really in it. Now, I take pride in saying no haha. I know that I’ll be no use to anyone if I’m tired or stressed, least of all myself… Saying no more has helped my relationship with myself and with my friends and family too. Sometimes ya can’t do it all, you’re only human. It’s that simple.

  1. Do what makes you happy - After starting my own podcast with by BFF and then setting up The Rebel Girls Club blog, I’ve realised how amazing it is to do what makes you happy. It’s such a confidence boost, just caring enough about something, to take time out of your normal routine and enjoy being YOU! If you're lucky enough to find something you really love, then hang on to it with both hands and don't let go.

  1. If the going gets tough, ask for help - Sometimes, it can feel like worrying about self-love is really far down on your agenda... But no matter how hectic your life gets, you still matter. Asking for help whilst I was going through a stressful time, had a hugely positive impact on my self-esteem and helped me rebuild confidence in myself. How we feel on the inside can impact on every part of our day to day lives, so tackling those feelings was by far the best thing I ever did for my own self-love.

    What kind of tips do you have for a good self love strategy? I would love to hear them and I'm sure others would too. 
    Sharing is caring folks. 

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