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So girls, it's time to talk about my all time fave subject. Yup, you guessed it. I LOVE a good podcast. I mean, who doesn't?

As a Co-host for OUR STRANGE GIRLHOOD I have recently become part of the Lady Pod Squad! 

It's a thrill every single time we get a tweet from a listener, podcaster or "murderino" (true crime fan!). So in the spirit of spreading the podcasting message to the world, I am going to share a few of my current fave LADY POD-casts. 

Haha yes, you've read it right. My Favourite Murder isn't for the faint hearted. 
Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two American comedians, who Co-Host My Favourite Murder. They sarcastic humour and life advice make listening to tales of murder that little bit more bearable and give us true crime fans a feeling of acceptance, like 'Hey, I'm not the only weirdo!'. 

Some of the best advice they've offered includes:

"Stay out of the forest", "Stay sexy and don't get murdered", "Masculinity ruins the party again" (I mean LOL) and "You're in a cult call your dad"...

This podcast is eye-wateringly funny, bittersweet, ballsy and really well researched if you're facts like myself... Karen and Georgia's podcast celebrates life by talking DEATH and provides potentially life-saving advice to all their "Murderino" listeners. I just can't help but adore them both for being total girl boss legends. 


"Do the work" is Co-Hosts Kathleen and Emily's life motto and I love it!

As the author of a new blog, I have found listening to Being Boss really motivates me. Ideas just seem to pop in my head, as i listen to these two boss ladies talk business...  Their positive attitude is infectious and as a 30-something trying to make my mark on the world, I find this podcast is full of useful ideas and advice for working women.

Seriously though,this podcast has given me such a kick up the backside (which was needed btw). It has made me realise that success doesn't happen overnight, you have to WORK at it. Kathleen and Emily are really relatable, despite being hugely successful and generally girl-bossing it through life. 

I think I can't love Fearne Cotton anymore and then she posts a mum-bun selfie or a photo of her in a jaw-dropping suit and I just think WOW. She's a writer, broadcaster and mother who just owns everything she does!

I love the concept behind 'The Happy Place' podcast, which explores what happiness really means to different people and why. 

Fearne interviews different celebrities who have achieved a lot in their lives but not without hardship. Fearne talks love, loss and finding a balance and it's super refreshing. Hats off to you Fearne, this podcast is a proper feel-good listen and I can't get enough.


Girlboss Radio is presented by Sophia, who is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal and bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS. 

If anyone else has binge-watched the Netflix series GIRL BOSS then you'll know that Sophia started from nothing and is an all round bad ass. However, at times the characters and story line stressed me out (sorry!) so it was with some reluctance that I gave Girl Boss Radio a listen.

Upon hearing the real Sophia, I was very pleasantly surprised. She interviews 'boundary-pushing' women about their lives and I instantly loved the frank, honest conversations she manages to have with so many inspirational females, about motherhood, their work, politics and the pay gap! Turns out she really is a #GirlBoss.

#HATESUCKS was recommended to me by a fellow Rebel Girl and I am so grateful it was!
It's a relatively new podcast launched by SkinnyDip London

 I'm only a few episodes in, but if you're looking for positive vibes only then be sure to check it out.

So far, the podcast has covered numerous topics such as, period shame, period poverty, gender exploration, the drag scene, youth cancer, beauty standards and women in coding. It's exhilarating, uplifting and emotive. Well worth a listen. I can't wait to spout off about it some more as the episodes drop!

So there's my TOP 5 podcast recommendations of the moment.

It may surprise you to know that only around 35% of podcasts have a female host and we have to ask ourselves why?

 Being part of the Lady Pod Squad is great. Yes, it can be hard to get noticed but don't let that put you off... 

Me and my BFF decided to sign ourselves up and start our own podcast. So far, its been a riot and I would strongly recommend that if you have a dream, follow it. You never know where it might take you.

Love From

A Female Podcaster 


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