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Say a big Howdy Do to the 6th member of The Rebel Girl Gang!

Paige Cavill is a Hull Designer/Maker with some serious talent and a stunning collection of marbled plant pots, wall hangings, notebooks and phone cases.

I defy anyone to visit Paige's dreamy, pastel INSTA and not end up adding one of her designs to their christmas wish-list!

(friends, family, partners take note pls) 

 I mean. Just look at them...

Paige's background is a lot like my own and she graduated from Hull School of Art and Design like me (*cough* a fair few years after me though *cough*). She has a fabulous ETSY SHOP, as well as some local stockists in our amazing city of HULL.

 When I discovered all of this, I just couldn't resist getting in touch with Paige to ask a few questions, which you can read below. I don't know about anyone else, but I love hearing other people stories and sharing them. So cheers my dear and welcome to Your Local Girl Gang.
Keep on delivering us that MARBLE SASS!

We would love to hear the story behind your dreamy designs, do you have a creative background? I get the feeling you might be surface pattern/print junkie like me! 

Hiii, you’re very welcome, thank you for making me a part of your local girl gang ๐Ÿ’–

I do indeed have a creative background, I studied here in Hull for 5 years doing my BTEC in Art & Design and then went onto Hull School of Art & Design to get my degree in Textile Design. At uni I specialised in Print/Surface Pattern and particularly preferred digital over traditional which was kind of seen as the easy option during my time at uni, but oh boy was I wrong - I’d spend hours and hours editing which sometimes goes unnoticed unless you’re appreciative of art! ๐Ÿ’–

Although digital was my thing, I also liked to be hands on in the studio and make a mess (another thing I found I was good at)  which led to my love for colour and trying out new and traditional methods of creating pattern/marks. Marbling was my all time favourite - which is what led to chosen my design process in my collections.

I adore your range, especially those plant pots (originally spotted in @twogingerscoffee). What is processes are involved in designing and making your products? 

Aww Thank you! I originally had like a tonne of basic white plant pots just knocking around with plants in at home and one day I was just brainstorming ideas for product and me with my love of plants just naturally thought, hey I could probably make those pots look a little bit more interesting. I made up a couple of samples and tried out a few different materials and I absolutely caved in and had them everywhere, in my mums kitchen, bathroom, dining room - the lot. She probably got sick of seeing them. I think I posted a photo of one on Instagram and that’s when everyone flooded my inbox and wanted one! 

Luke at Two Gingers Coffee saw my Instagram post also and asked if I’d like to  collaborate and have some in his shop and I jumped at the idea! Now almost 2 years later and after about 10 restocks he still sells them now ๐Ÿงก☕๐ŸŒฑ

As a graduate of Hull School of Art and Design, what would you say are the key challenges you have faced whilst trying to establish yourself and your work? 

I actually started my instagram design account before I graduated uni which I think was a massive help. Really getting yourself out there is difficult and the earlier you start the better really. There are so many amazing and talented designers/makers out there already you just have to bring something new to the industry to go noticed. I found it particularly hard until the plant pots were a massive hit, since then it’s been my main focus as it’s what made me so successful.

Here at The Rebel Girls Club we all about bigging up women and their aspirations! What are your goals for the future of Paige Cavill Design? Apart from wooing everyone with your unicorn coloured Insta...

My main goal is to eventually be able to give myself full time to my business. At the moment I’m working full time and running this along side which is extremely challenging but if you want to be successful you have to start somewhere! 
I’d also eventually like to introduce new product which I’m always doing research on and looking for new local suppliers for, this is something I’m passionate about - keeping things local! 

And finally, you’re a Hull girl. What’s your fave thing to do when you’re not giving us marble SASS!?

Well I’m a bit of a movie geek, I love a good superhero film, I’m always at the cinema! And also occasionally drinking gin or eating gelato!

I absolutely love interior design and have recently bought my first home so will be flooding my personal Instagram account with that in the near future - no doubt about that lol! It’s @paigecavill if any of you interior lovers are interested ๐Ÿก

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