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// Interview with Hull Blogger and Plant Lady - Amy Eade //

So for those of you who read a recent interview with Hull Illustrator Jemma Klein, you’ll know by now that I am all about giving a shout out to local women who are out there, doing it for themselves.

In the second instalment of MEET YOUR LOCAL GIRL GANG, we say hello to Amy or Call Me Amy as she is known on Insta and in the blogging community.

Amy and her blog are one of the main reasons I was inspired to set up The Rebel Girls Club. Amy is the kind of person whose constant positivity helps you put your worries aside and think, well, why the hell not?

Recently Amy’s blog has gone from strength to strength and with her friendly open attitude, dreamy photography skills and experience working for BBC Hull, she is pretty much GIRL POWER personified. Amy is part of the local and national blogging scene and regularly collaborates with fellow bloggers and independent business owners in Hull.

But less from me, let’s hear all about it from the girl boss herself!

I can tell from your blog that you have your own personal style and love a good photograph of coffee, plants or cats (three things we LOVE here at The Rebel Girls Club). What has been your favourite thing to blog about so far? 

Well that’s a difficult first question! There are so many things I love blogging about; I’ve loved documenting our home renovation because it means I’ll always have those posts to look back on as memories, but I also love blogging about anything self-confidence related that might empower other women to feel better about themselves and realise that none of us actually have our shit together!

What inspired you to start your blog and has it taught you anything about yourself? 

If I’m honest I don’t have a big inspirational story - I was just bored and wanted a new hobby and writing is always something I’ve loved doing! I’ve learnt so much through blogging, but the biggest change I’ve seen in myself is in my own confidence. I suppose it’s taught me that I have something to say and that people will actually read what I have to say, which is such a huge boost.

Social Media is a big part of running a blog. Have your experiences of this always been positive and how do you take time off from it all? 

Most of my experiences have been positive yes and I think that’s all down to who you choose to surround yourself with on social media so I only follow positive, like-minded people. I do try and take breaks from it occasionally, although it’s a hard thing to tear yourself away from! A day off here and there is so refreshing though especially because I do put pressure on myself to post every day. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and realise that nobody is going to care if I don’t Instagram my coffee for one day! I used to compare myself a lot to other bloggers on social media, but I try not to do that now because it just makes the whole experience less enjoyable and at the end of the day it’s a hobby so it’s supposed to be fun!

Have you got any new projects or collaborations coming up that you’d like to share with us here at The Rebel Girls Club? I know you don’t like to blow your own trumpet, so I’m forcing you haha. 

Haha thanks! I actually am working on a couple of new things - I’ve just started a newsletter all about house plants, which will be full of tips and tricks and general plant lady goodness. I’m very excited about that because it’s just something a little different to my blog and a way of embracing my obsession with house plants without making my blog itself too niche. I’m also part of a team of local bloggers who’ve just created a new blogging community - HEY Bloggers (Hull and East Yorkshire Bloggers) - which will hopefully bring lots of local bloggers together for some fun events!

We know you’re a Hull Girl, where is your fave places to shoot photos for your blog or just take a well deserved break? 

Anyone who watches my Insta stories knows I’m always down Newland Avenue (usually at Zoo!) so that’s definitely one of my fave places to hang out. I love Humber Street and the marina, both for blog photos and chilling out. Hull has so many hidden gems for shooting photos and I discover new places all the time.

Thank you Amy for taking the time to answer questions for The Rebel Girls Club. 

If you the reader want to learn more about Amy, then pay Call Me Amy a visit. Oh and whilst you're there, don't forget to sign up to her newsletter ‘Call Me A Plant Lady’. My houseplants are eternally grateful for your handy tips and advice!

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