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// Interview with Donut Queen //

// Hello Baker Girl //

So for those of you who are also feeling those autumnal vibes, you will perhaps be able to relate to my over-whelming urge to eat my way right through until christmas and BEYOND...

I'm literally all about the food right now. So what better way to celebrate then by interviewing another fabulous Hull baker 'Bea', also known as Hello Baker Girl.  

She's the reason rainbow bagels made an appearance in HULL and not just in LDN and NYC. She is also responsible for some truly astounding cakes and scrumptious vegan donuts! Yass Queen!

Not only can Bea bake, but she's also an amazing chef and I just can't wait to see (and taste) what she pulls out of the oven next...


Hello Baker Girl! I don’t think we’ve met before, so let me start by being really nosy and asking you to tell us abit about yourself? Like, what three things are proper into right now?

Which is odd isn’t it, cos I think in Hull everyone knows eeeeeveryone so I’m saying nah! we’ve definitely met at some point for sure chic; it’s just not possible. So at the mo, three things that I am PROPER into are: 

1- Korean Food- I’m OBSESSED and it kills me that there isn’t anywhere really close that does it; so if someone wants to get onto that then I will be a very loyal customer. 

2- Ru Paul’s Drag Race is the reason for my existence! I am in full on love with it and must medically watch an episode at least once a week so I don’t have withdrawals. My favourites jump between Bianca, Adore, Latrice and Katya; I love a vicious sense of humour… 

3- Skincare. It’s recently dawned on me that I have become an actual Middle Aged woman now and need to get into taking care of myself a little better instead of thinking it’s acceptable to just sleep in my make up and wipe it off with a wet wipe. I’ve recently discovered Sunday Riley which I’m in love with- the UFO one smells perfection.

Your cakes/bakes make our eyes pop, they’re so bright and fun! What inspired you to start baking and where do you get your inspiration from? I mean, just look....

Err I’ve always baked really. My grandma was a chef and I always remember baking with her when I was little so a huge part of it comes from that really. Inspo literally comes from everywhere. I’m really into interiors too so it might be a fabric sample or it could be a piece of music or the season- it sounds lame but take inspiration from anything and everything, it keeps you fresh. I think wanting to do new things is the best desire for a creative person; it stops you becoming stale and helps you develop old skills and learn new ones.

How do you find running your own baking biz and do you have any advice for the gal’s out there who are thinking about taking the plunge and setting up solo?

Hard. I’m a mum to a one year old as well as working a 60+ hour week with no nursery so it’s a challenge but it’s the best and I wouldn’t change it. You have to be organised and you have to be disciplined cos it’s all too easy to get sucked into an Orange is the New Black marathon instead of actually working but you can’t. I see a lot of late night, early mornings or no sleep at all some weekends but you just hustle and make it work and drink a lot of coffee. 

Baking and cooking are my life and you can’t do something like this without absolute love and passion for it or you would resent the job. If you love it it’s not work so much. I’d say don’t leave your job until you know you can support yourself- I worked a few at the same time and it was only when I was absolutely sure it would work I took the plunge and went solo. I know what’s awful boring grown up stuff but it’s true. After that be fearless!!! Challenge yourself, don’t rest, stay original, dont be thrown off by other people’s work and comparing yours to it- you do you! And be kind to yourself too. I fuck up regularly and it’s fine; note where it went wrong and move on, don’t stew on somthing just learn from it.

What kind of methods do you use to promote yourself? I know your rainbow bagels got a lot attention (cos, they’re amazing). Is it easy to get noticed in Hull?

I’m an Instagram girl, always have been, always will be. I’ve never really promoted myself beyond that which makes me super lucky. Things I do have been noticed and that’s a lot easier then trying to promote yourself I think as I’m not sure where I’d start. I just posted what I did on Instagram and then the rest followed. Hull is amazing and there’s lots of really talented creative people about so getting noticed by the right people isn’t always easy as there’s some stiff competition out there; whatever your field but if your enthusiastic and passionate and authentic then people pic up on your vibe. Your vibe attracts your tribe and if you put out positive you get positive back, I 100% believe that; we’ve got no time for negativity.

The Hull food scene seems to be growing since Hull City of Culture. What’s next for Hello Baker Girl? Have you got anything exciting lined up for the future?

Gahhh I’ve (tits crossed) got something suuuper exciting lined up but I can’t talk about it properly at the mo. Give me a month and I’m hoping it will all be in place. I would be a huge leap and it’s scary but being scared is good I think; it makes you fight. Cher said “death is dwelling in the past or staying in one place too long” and if Cher said it then it’s gospel so I want to progres the business and take it to the next level. If it doesn’t come off then that’s crap but there’s always something round the corner. 

I believe in fate and everything happens for a reason; sometimes you just don’t know it at the time. I got fired from a job and it made me start Hello Baker Girl- it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me but at the time I thought it was horrific- hindsight is an epic thing. But the business is always changing  and evolving, I’m lucky to work with some mega babes like the boys at Two Gingers and we’re always scheming and coming up with new and exciting things to do like our “feast in the arcade” which we have once a month. Basically its just an excuse for me to get out of the baking side of my life and get back to chef-ing where I first started working. We play some tunes, we have some drinks and I cook a themed feast each month. It’s like a glorious street party and the best start to a Saturday night so the more of them the better. 

Cake wise I’ll just keep learning and growing. New trends and skills are always coming along and your never done improving so I’ll just keep obsessing over the best icing smear I can make I think. I’m happy with that!


Thanks so much Hello Baker Girl for agreeing to be featured on The Rebel Girls Club! Wishing you ALL the success for the future... Watch this space guys. 


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